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        AJ-700 Portable Filtering Sampler


        -Powerful vacuum pump with large negative pressure, corrosion resistance and long service life;
        -Built-in large-capacity lithium battery, real-time power display, battery life up to 24 hours, optional super-capacity battery can be customized;
        -Using a high-flux 0.45μm hydrophilic micro-porous membrane, which greatly improves the filtration efficiency;
        -The collection bottle is the sample bottle, thus no need to rinse the sample bottle;
        -The material of sample bottle is complied with national standard and contains no metal ions;
        -With overflow warning and buzzer alarm, pumping is stopped automatically to prevent liquid from entering the vacuum pump and damaging the equipment;
        -With active air duct cooling to support operations at high temperature environment;
        - Robust, reliable and portable, filter membrane is easy to replace

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